Sunday, 14 February 2010

An auspicious year of Tiger by Huang Yong Yu黃永玉
Huang Yong Yu is a very famous Chinese artist. His Chinese calligraphy, painting, sculpture are lively and full of vitality, even he is 86 years old now!
黃永玉於中國藝壇絕對是大師級了, 愛其作品不論是書法, 國畫, 版畫還是雕塑, 率性活潑, 以老練的技巧瀟灑地表現自己八十多歲的赤子心.
Today is the first day of Chinese lunar year of tiger, wish you all have a satisfied, smooth and successful year!!!


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Happy Happy Chinese New Year!

bonne said...

thankyou Deborah,
happy new year of tiger!