Friday, 26 February 2010

i like these folk dolls from TheCartBeforeTheHorse. i like their mismatched faces, vintage and antique style. these fine dolls are made by couple, Dylan and Jo.
check out more their works via TheCartBeforeTheHorse or their etsy shop.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

近年喜愛銀柳, 原來銀柳配上粉紅劍蘭, 都好靚好清雅, 只是天氣回暖花開得好快...

Monday, 22 February 2010

made in hongkong II

Furze Chan, i really appreciate her print works and ink drawings, esp. in hk.
{website} {blog} {furz's photostream}

Siuyuett 小月, her handmade notebooks are so awesome! she usually run a workshop for book making. you can visit her blog for detail.

Story of Old Flower, i got one her mini emotion sick-bag from kubrick :)

made in hongkong

農曆新年假期後, 是香港09年入冬最嚴寒的日子, 亦是我最最最忙碌的四天, 有點自憐辛酸, 唯仍祝願今年繼續多勞多得! (不勞而獲輪不到我...)
i'm freezing and really exhausted for last busy week...

到了apm的Kubrick, 見到不同的香港 手作創作, 好興奮! 亦終於認識了部份 la belle epoque 的手作(始終未有造訪其大坑小店), 感謝 la belle epoque 的出現才能在香港凝聚了一群喜歡手作的朋友!
thanks la belle epoque gather many hk handcraft artists in their shop.

vicplayground embroidery is sososo lovely!

Aileen Zakka, Aileen 的手飾非常典雅
the accessories, made by Aileen, are so elegant

還有很多精彩的手作創作人,可到 la belle epoque 慢慢欣賞; 見到人家漂亮的作品, 深感自己的不足, 亦鼓勵自己要更努力, 希望有天可跟他們一樣參加不同的市集! 像台灣的大陸的, 讓手作在香港繼續發光發熱!!
題外話, 發覺喜歡手作的朋友大都愛陳綺貞盧廣仲呢...:)
find more in la belle epoque , hope to join them later.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

韓美林 Han Mei Lin 是當代中國藝術家, 揉合傳統技術加上現代的設計意念, 尤其他設計的文字書法著重線條帶點實驗味道, 我覺得非常討好, 非常喜歡他書畫的動物造型和用色, 他最為人所認識的設計該是北京奧運的吉祥物 - 福娃.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

An auspicious year of Tiger by Huang Yong Yu黃永玉
Huang Yong Yu is a very famous Chinese artist. His Chinese calligraphy, painting, sculpture are lively and full of vitality, even he is 86 years old now!
黃永玉於中國藝壇絕對是大師級了, 愛其作品不論是書法, 國畫, 版畫還是雕塑, 率性活潑, 以老練的技巧瀟灑地表現自己八十多歲的赤子心.
Today is the first day of Chinese lunar year of tiger, wish you all have a satisfied, smooth and successful year!!!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

paper puppet by Amy Earles
via little thing magazine Feb issue
how to describe Amy's paper puppets... vintage and contemporary, strange and familiar, dark and innocent... so brilliant!
feel more by your own via her website, flickr photostream, see more her update via her blog, wool & water.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

via little thing magazine Feb issue
Ann, (oso polar) lives in Russia. She is absolutely a doll-lover and doll-maker, and she takes beautiful photos for her loves. enjoy those lovely images of her handmade dolls and custom dolls in oso_polar's flickr photostream, and her blog in russian.

via little thing magazine Feb issue
dream house interview with Nina van de Goor. Nina is a Dutch ceramics artist. her works, vintage + contemporary, are so unique and neat, just like her house...
Nina's blog, esty shop, flickr
and there is another interview of Nina from artist who blog.
OH, artist who blog is very inspiring because the blogger, stephanie, often interview with different artists who blog, most of them are my favorite.

Monday, 1 February 2010


this image, the doll come from the forest, catch my eyes at first.
then i visited spilla website, i found many interesting things.

some fancy wedding goods

she also like to make creation with Matryoshka